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Anesthesia & You... Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery, an informational document prepared by the American Society of Anesthesiologists through the cooperative efforts of the Society's Committees on Communications and the Committee on Ambulatory Surgical Care.

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What is ambulatory anesthesia?
Ambulatory anesthesia is tailored to meet the needs of ambulatory surgery so you can go home soon after your operation. Short-acting anesthetic drugs and specialized anesthetic techniques as well as care specifically focused to the needs of the ambulatory patient are used to make your experience safe and pleasant. In general, if you are in reasonably good health, you are a candidate for ambulatory anesthesia and surgery. Because each patient is unique, your anesthesiologist will carefully evaluate you and your health status to determine if you should undergo ambulatory anesthesia.

After your early recovery from anesthesia, you usually will return directly home. Patients do well with the assistance of their family or friends. If you do not have family members to help at home, you may require additional assistance. Some ambulatory facilities offer special post surgical recovery facilities or extended services with nurses who visit you at home.