The Morning of Your Procedure

Take the following medications the morning of your procedure:

  • Pain medications if needed. Heart medications.
  • Blood pressure medications.
  • Seizure medications.
  • Asthma medications (please bring your inhaler with you).

Take medications with a SMALL sip of water only.

Bring your North Memorial envelope with the following papers with you on the morning of your procedure:

  • A copy of your preoperative history and physical (if this was given to you at your doctorÝs office).
  • Your insurance information and cards.
  • The completed yellow Anesthesia Preoperative Assessment form.
In addition, the morning of your procedure:
  • Leave all jewelry, purses, wallets or anything else of value at home.
  • All body piercing should be removed before your procedure.
  • Remove any makeup.
  • Remove nail polish if your arm or leg is involved in the procedure. Acrylic nails are OK.

Contact lenses, glasses and dentures will be removed just before your procedure.

The Patient Care Center strives to be a fragrance-free unit. While deodorant is encouraged, please refrain from using perfumes, aftershaves or strong-smelling soaps on the day of your procedure.