Who We Are, What We Do
The APA Philosophy
Patient safety is our first and foremost concern. We are your advocates during your surgical experience.

Anesthesiology, PA is a professional association of anesthesiologists whose practice is limited to the peri-operative management of surgical anesthesia and the administration of regional anesthesia to patients with acute pain from trauma, labor or surgery. We currently employ 18 physicians and staff North Memorial Medical Center and WestHealth.

We have physicians with a wide variety of interests. Two of our physicians completed Residencies in Pediatrics prior to returning for anesthesia training. Several of our physicians began their careers in other fields, but found their way to anesthesia, adding great depth and breadth to the knowledge base of APA. We have a physician on our staff who practiced OtoRhinoLaryngology ("Ear Nose and Throat") for ten years prior to returning to practice.

Several of our physicians were part of the teaching faculty at the University of Minnesota Hospitals prior to joining our group. We have physicians certified in the use trans-esophageal echocardiography who have been involved in teaching the rest of the group this useful intra-operative examination of the structural and functional aspects of the beating heart. We care for all types of surgical cases, from the simplest superficial biopsies to neurosurgery, congenital defects, plastics, and complex aortic reconstructions. Our concern is that you suffer no untoward effects from your anesthetic, and that you return quickly to your preoperative state. We utilize a wide variety of drugs and nerve blocks to ensure comfort after surgery.